Chasing the Oasis - 15 Days

Chasing the oasis tour takes you to roots of civilizations of Iran central desert, where their people harness a harsh nature and tilt the odds in their own favor.


Chasing the oasis is a winter tour exclusively design for those who are interested to experience life style, history, nature and architecture of central desert of Iran. Staying in beautiful Ghasr-e Bahram Caravanserai for our first night of our trip takes you back to thousands years ago when Caravans found this place as a safe haven when they were travelling in the middle of Iran’s central desert.

Our route goes through 6 main provinces of Seman, South Khorasan, Yazd, Isfahan, Qom and Tehran which they all located on the marginal side of Iran central desert. although they are all located around central desert but each shares a different environment and you’ll experience different architecture, lifestyle and of course a different nature. Cities around north parts of the central desert has a more humid weather and they have more rain during the winter which at the same time southern provinces of Iran central desert experiencing a drier weather. During this trip we are only use home-stay accommodation, and you’ll sleep on the ground in a traditional bed in every lodge.
Please note
If you are a US, UK or Canadian citizen, you need to book your tour at least 60 days ahead of your desired departure due to longer visa application procedure.

What do I need to bring?
Comfortable and light clothing is the most suitable for travelling in Iran. Visitors should not wear sleeveless shirts, shorts, short skirts or skimpy clothing. Shoes should be removed before entering a mosque or private house.

Dress code for ladies:

you are supposed to hide your body shape, so you should wear trousers – either jeans, or if visiting in summer, something loose and cotton is best. Your top should be fairly baggy and fall to about mid-thigh. A summer dress over jeans and t shirt is a good option.

Dress code for men:

Shorts and sleeveless shirts are not allowed, the rest is fine!

Cancellation policy
We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 15 days or less before event
We will charge a cancellation fee of 50% if booking is cancelled 30 days or less before event
We will charge a cancellation fee of 30% if booking is cancelled 40 days or less before event

Tour highlights

  • Qar-e Bahram caravansart and Kavir national park
  • Damghan
  • Hajaligholi salt-lake
  • Mesr desert
  • Tabas
  • Beyazeh
  • Abyaneh village
  • Kashan
  • Tehran


Day 1

Our representatives will meet you and greet you in Tehran International Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA), we’ll transfer you to your hotel after your custom procedure.

Day 2
Qasr-e Bahram Caravansary

Your tour guide together with your transport will pick you up from your hotel early in the morning. Our first destination is Qasr-e Bahram caravansary in the middle of the Kavir National Park. entering Kavir National Park needs special permissions because this national park hosts very rare and in danger of extinction species like Asian cheetah, sand cat (sand dune cat), fox and so on. Dirt road starts just after national park entrance gate and this road continues to Qasr-e Bahram Caravansary for almost 25 kilometers (1h30m drive). History of this caravansary goes back to Sassanid kings (224-651 BC) when this area was one of the main hunting-grounds of Sassanid kings. This caravansary renovated during Safavid dynasty by Shah Abbas the first (1571-1629) as one of the main caravansary on the south/north roads of Iran central desert. Qasr-e Bahram Caravansary becomes a national site since 1975 and now it is completely renovated and equipped and it is ready to host visitors. We are going to spend a night in this beautiful and historical caravansary in the middle of Kavir National Park.

Day 3

After having our breakfast, we are going to have a stroll around this amazing caravansary to see water channels that used to provide water to this caravansary from the distant mountains. Before noon we’ll depart from Qasr-e Bahram Caravansary to exit Kavir National Park and heading to city of Damghan. But before arriving to Damghan we’ll have a stop in city of Garmsar to have our lunch. We’ll be arriving to Damghan around evening and we’ll heading directly to our eco-lodge (home stay) in a village just outside of the Damghan. Our eco-lodge is a traditional house renovated and equipped for visitors, in this eco-lodge you can experience delicious local cuisines and traditional life style of this part of Iran.

Day 4

We are going to visit city of Damghan. Beautiful city of Damghan is located on the northern side of Kavir National Park in Semnan province. The city of Damghan used to be an important city on the legendary silk road and because of its importance this city was attacked countless number of times. After arriving to this city we will check-in to our eco-lodge to have some rest. After check-in to our eco-lodge we’ll start discovering this city by visiting its old bazaar, also just a few meters away from Damghan old bazar we’ll be visiting Tari Khane mosque. Tari Khane mosque roots goes back to pre-Islamic era of Iran (more than 2000 year ago). This mosque was actually a fire temple with Sassanid architecture but like many other buildings in Iran this fire temple converted to a mosque with some modification in its architecture. after visiting Tari Khane mosque we will visit Damghan jami-Mosque which also has 1000 years of history. for the evening we will return to our eco-lodge to rest.

Day 5
Hajaligholi Salt Lake/Jandagh

Our destination for today is the city of Jandagh, but before arriving to Janfagh we are going to visit one of the most beautiful salt lakes of Iran’s central desert. after visiting Haj Aligholi Salt Lake we’ll head it to the city of Jandagh. Our road to Jandagh going through an amazing desert and mountain view all over the day. Jandagh castle which is also our home for this dated back to Sassanid era (224-651 BC) is well renovated and equipped for visitors. This amazing castle (or fortress) was one of the main desert ports of Silk Road. We are going stay for a night in one of this beautiful castle rooms for one night.

Day 6
Khur/Mesr Desert

Now we are on the south east of central desert of Iran, today we are going to visit sand hills of Mesr Village, an amazing oasis in front of an ocean of sands. On our way to Mesr village, we’ll have a visit to the city of Khur and its amazing springs and old castle. We’ll spend rest of our day in the middle of sand hills and its spectacular sunset.

Day 7

Get ready to visit another amazing oasis of central desert of Iran. city of Tabas with its beautiful nature and its amazing monuments is definitely one of best cities around Iran central desert. kal-e Jeni canyon and Abbasid dam is our first destination in Tabas, this mysterious canyon was used to be a sacred place for monks back to Sassanid empire (224 to 651 BC). So apart from its natural beauty we are going to see lots of man-made ancient caves on our way. Our day completes with city of Tabas and its beautiful architecture and its surrounding palm farms

Day 8

We are still in Tabas, we’ll have a visit to Nayband village. This beautiful village with its unique architecture is like a green island in the middle of the desert, a true oasis. We’ll return to our eco-lodge in Tabas

Day 9

We’ll be heading to city of Bayazeh fortress in Bayazeh village. History of this fortress (or castle) goes back to Sassanid era (224 to 651 BC) where this village was the center of science and culture of this area. This amazing fortress with its spiral architecture was in fact built in 7 floors but today only 2 floors remained intact. Interesting point about this castle is this castle was residential few years a go by locals and even many of its rooms has its own official title deeds!

After visiting Bayazeh castle we continue our way to another beautiful village called Iraj to visit just another oasis in the middle of the desert. we’ll be arriving to our eco-lodge for the evening next to Chupanan village

Day 10
Sarhang Abad/Zaraverh

Today we’ll be visiting much bigger cities next to central desert of Iran. after having our breakfast we’ll be heading to city of Zavareh. But before that, we’ll have short stop in small but beautiful village of Sarhang Abad to visit a contemporary palace of Sarhang Abad. This palace built during Qajar dynasty (1789-1925) as hunting palace for Qajar kings. City of Zavareh was an important desert port during Sassanid era and also during Seljuq dynasty as it was a connecting hub for caravans. We are going to visit Zavareh fir temple, zavareh mosque and zavareh old castle

Day 11

We are going to visit city of Kashan for today, but before visiting Kashan we ‘ll visit famous abyaneh village on our way. The history of this village is not very much clear but archaeologists estimating that the history of this village goes back to at least 1500 year ago. Houses in this village are made from the local material which is mostly clay. Red color of the clay gives a spectacular look to this village. Our journey ends up in city of Kashan for today.

Day 12

Kashan defiantly is one of the most beautiful cities of Iran, for our morning First we’ll visit underground city of Noushabad. This amazing three store monument accidentally discovered by a local man in 2006 when he was digging the ground for a well. Archaeologists estimates showed that this underground city is most probably widen underground for four kilometers. After visiting underground city of Noushabad we will visit UNESCO world heritage site of Fin Garden. Fin Garden is one of nine famous Iranian gardens which all have almost the same architecture and design. This garden built under the order of the Shah Abbas (1571-1629) who is one the greatest kings of the Safavid Dynasty. What makes Fin Garden (and the rest of other Iranian Gardens) unique is water fountains are feed from a spring in the hillside and they are working since the construction of this garden without need of any mechanical pumps. We’ll have our lunch in a beautiful restaurant next to the Fin Garden. After lunch we’ll continue discovering Kashan by visiting Boroujerdi historical house. Boroujedi house built in the middle of 19th century during Qajar dynasty. Boroujerdi house is definitely a symbol of traditional Iranian architecture with all of its unique elements. we will continue discovering Kashan by visiting Agha Bozorg Mosque. This 19th century mosque like Boroujedi House is also built during Qajar dynasty. Agha Bozorg mosque was and still it is a religious school so once you are entering the mosque you’ll see rooms of students in the lower section of the mosque. These young students studying religious materials and soon they will become clerics in their own cities. After visiting the Agha Bozorg mosque we will go to Kashan old Bazaar. Kashan old bazaar is very unique because of its architecture and its shops. Experiencing this historical place will not be completed unless having our traditional Iranian cuisine in a restaurant in the middle of the bazaar.

Day 13

Time to come back to Tehran. after having our breakfast in our hotel we’ll head it to Tehran. today is free day and we have some rest in our hotel rooms in Tehran and probably getting ready for our final tour in Tehran for the next day.

Day 14

After having your breakfast in your hotel your local tour guide will pick you up from your hotel for a full day tour in Tehran. Early in the morning you will start your journey with UNESCO heritage site of Golestan Palace. History of this glamorous palace goes back to Shah Abbas (1588-1629) strongest ruler of Safavid dynasty. this complex is a mixture of Persian and European architecture especially French architecture. Golestan palace became the official royal palace when Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar (1742-1797) moved its capital to Tehran in 1796. Golestan Palace consists of currently 13 available sites, Marble Throne, Karim Khani Nook, Pond House, Brilliant Hall, Containers Hall, Ivory Hall, Mirror Hall, Salam Hall, Building of wind catchers, Edifice of the Sun, Museums of Gifts, Abyaz palace and Photographic Archive. After visiting the Palace, we will go to Tehran’s old bazaar which is the center of traditional businesses in Tehran. Old bazaar is just only few meters away from the Golestan palace so we can go to the Bazaar by walk. Every section of the bazaar is for one specific business, so during your tour you will visit different businesses and different sections of old bazaar. after visiting the old bazaar you’ll be transferring to south west of Tehran to have a short visit to Azadi Tower. Azadi Tower (old name: Shahyad Tower) opened in January 14th 1972. This monument is a master piece of Mr. Hossein Amanat (currently living in Canada) which ordered by the last king of Pahlavi Mohammad Reza Shah. After visiting Azadi tower you’ll be transferring to northern part of the city to Darband Neighborhood in foothills of Tochal mountain. This neighborhood is the escape boat of Tehranians to escape from crowded and chaotic life of this metropolis. we’ll have our last dinner together in a one of the beautiful restaurants of Darband Neighborhood.

Day 15

Our representative will meet you in your hotel and he/she will arrange your transfer to Imam Khomeini Airport(IKA) according to your flight schedule.

What's included?

  • Entry or admission fee
  • National park entrance fee
  • Food & drinks
  • WiFi
  • Tehran : B&B 4 star hotel
  • Other destinations : Qasr-e Bahram Caravanserai and eco-lodge stay
  • All meals are included
  • Ground transportation by air-con van(Toyota HIACE or similar)
  • Airport transfer from the airport to your hotel and vice versa
  • Iran visa reference number(visa grant notice)
  • Entrance fees (according to your itinerary)
  • 4G unlimited internet access during your trip(as a shared WIFI)


  • Tip or gratuity
  • International flights
  • Tips
  • Visa stamp fee
  • Personal expenses such as phone calls or laundry ...

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Chasing the Oasis
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