Our tailor-made holidays are designed to allow you see and experience new places, to expand your knowledge and help you appreciate the cultural heritage of Iran with your own taste. All our cultural tour itineraries are well balanced and immersive, and designed to allow you to get the most out of your often limited time. Most incorporate some free time to allow  you to go off on your own and explore these new and exciting places. Often this free time can be the most rewarding, with opportunities to meet, talk and relax with the local people. Our local guides are all well trained, experts in their regions culture and history, and with you every step of the way. We use many different modes of transport both public and private, and where public transport is used, we know the quality of the service and ensure all your needs are met. We have a wide range of sample holiday itineraries that you can choose from, either as they stand or as a base for you to tailor to your own requirements. For further inspiration, try reading some of the many articles and features on our Iran Travel Blog

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diplomatic missions in iran

List of Diplomatic Missions in Iran

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp In some urgent cases you might need to know about the location of your country’s diplomatic mission in your traveling destination, in this list you can find your country’s embassy or representative office in Tehran :

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Kurdish Woman


Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Kurdistan Province is located in the west of Iran, the center of this province is the city of Sanandaj. “Kurd” originates from word “Kurt”. Kurt means the city and the area. The population of Kurds in

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turkmen sahra

Turkmen Sahra(IRAN)

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Where is Turkmen Sahra? Turkmen Sahara is located in the northeastern part of Golestan province. It has a population of 200,000 people speaking in Turkmen and Persian. Turkmens originally were nomads which gradually settled in cities.

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Chabahar, Iran


Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Chabahar is a beautiful port city in southeast of Sistan and Baluchestan province. This port and coastline city has got many spectacular attractions and is among the most important commercial and tourist destinations in Iran. The

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Alamut Castle

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Iran is full of amazing and mysterious stories and one of the most mysterious one is the story of Alamut fortress. Countless tourists from all over the world travel to Iran to closely watch this castle

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Travel to Iran Advice

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Is it your first time traveling to Iran? are you looking for some useful tips? Well, my name is Mahsa and I’m content manager of Seven Seas Travelers company I’m here to help you out with some

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