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Qeshm Island

Qeshm Island is the biggest Iranian Islands of the Persian Gulf. Qeshm Island is connected from north to Bandar Abbas, from east to Larak, from south to the island of Hormuz and from southwest to the Greater Tunb and Smaller Tunb by boat. Qeshm Island is a two and a half times the size of Bahrain and has about 69 villages and towns.Â

Climate of the island is generally warm and humid, summers are very warm and winters are mild and sometimes cold. Humidity in Qeshm Island is high in most months of the year, so it is more like sultry and wet than warm climate.

Salt Cave

The salt cave is located 90 km from the city of Qeshm and it is seen as a salt mound and dome from distances. It’s said that Qeshm Island salt cave is the largest salt cave in the world. To reach the cave you need to walk down about 2 kilometers from the main road to the cave’s entrance. You don’t need to bring especial cave equipment, but having a headlight is big help. During the winter time there is a huge wave of visitors coming to the Qeshm Island so don’t get surprised if you see lots of visitors in front of the salt cave

Salt Cave, Qeshm Island, Iran

Chahkouh Canyon

Chahkouh Canyon is considered as one of the best attractions of Qeshm Island. it is located 70 kilometers from the city of Qeshm in Qeshm Island. The charm of this valley is delusional and mysterious. Chahkouh canyon is at the heart of this valley which is initially wide and open and as you go forward it becomes narrower until the sky will no longer be visible. a shallow well in this valley helps to store freshwater from the rain and humid weather, that’s why The name of Chahkouh means wells in the mountains. From the ancient times, the Canyon has been a reservoir of freshwater for the locals.

Chahkouh, Qeshm Island, Iran

Mangrove Sea Forest

This forest is a habitat for many tropical birds. The main attraction of this forest is the existence of a mangrove tree which their roots goes under the water during the flow and edd. these type of trees not only they have problem with sea water but even they refine sea water and turn it into freshwater. The Harra Forest has an area of about 200 square kilometers and due to its tropical climate, birds such as Great egret, the coastal egret, the spoonbill, gray plover, large herons and others have lived there for many years. The presence of seagull and petrel and a variety of fish species in this forest has given it a very extraordinary attraction so that you won’t be satisfied just by one trip to this place. This spectacular place gives you everything you need to know about nature, beach, sea and birds

Mangrove Trees, Chabahar, Iran

Stars Valley

Berke Khalaf Village in Qeshm Island has got tangled nested and sedimentary mountains which is known as Stars Valley. Climate change and regional rains and winds shaped these mountains in the form of corridors, when you walk into these corridors and look at the stars at night, you’ll see striking and amazing effect of stars. Star views through these corridors create something like star valleys. Locals tell fabulous legends about the valley, and believe that over the years, a star has led to the creation of these corridors. The beauty and charm of this valley will surely surprise you and give you a special memory

Stars Valley, Qeshm Island, Iran

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