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Kurdistan Province is located in the west of Iran, the center of this province is the city of Sanandaj. “Kurd” originates from word “Kurt”. Kurt means the city and the area. The population of Kurds in Iran is estimated to be 90000 people. The language of the Kurdish people is Kurdish, which has been derived from the Sorani and Kurmanji languages and is very similar to the Baluchi, Gilaki and Taleshi languages. Kurdistan has lots of Kurdish tribes, some living Iraqi Kurdistan, some living in south east of Turkey and some living in west of Iran.

kurdistan village(iran)

Kurdish Dance and Music

Kurdish music is rooted in their epic stories and also classical Iranian music, Kurdish music is mainly divided into two types, one type is  beautiful romantic songs which mostly talks about stories of lovers and sometimes stories about love of Kurdish motherland. The other types of Kurdish music are narrating epic stories of Kurdish heroes. Music and dance are very popular in Kurdistan which in most of the times men and women gather in half circle and dance hand in hand. Kurdish women have long beautiful colorful dresses and they shine in their celebrations like a rainbows of colors.

Kurdistan famous musical instruments are hornpipe and timpani. Kurdish people dance together, encircle, take each other’s hands and sing and dance with a unique harmony. Nowadays, Kurdish music is published by many Kurdish musicians all over the world and its popularity is increasing day by day


In all tribes, the crafts are designed based on the local culture of their people and epic stories, love songs and even the weather is affecting their designs but generally Kurdish handicrafts are almost the same in all over Kurdistan and the only difference is types of sketches that they make on their handicrafts. Amongst the Kurdistan handicrafts we can refer to woodwork, woodturning, weaving, needlework, carpeting and rug weaving which can be found in most cities and villages of this region. There are many carpet types and designs in Iran but amongst all of them Sanandaj Carpet has a huge demand all over the world. Its fame drives from its unique sketches and structure.

sanandaj carpet

Kurdistan Beautiful and Fantastic Villages

In recent years, some of Kurdistan villages have been listed on the Cultural Heritage List. The architecture of these villages is a staircase and consists of horizontal and vertical corridors. Some of these beautiful villages are the village of Gilin, Halwan, Shiyan, Hashemiz and beautiful Uramanat Villages.

kurdish village

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