irani kurdistan

Where is Irani Kurdistan

Irani Kurdistan province is in the west and north west of Iran with the center city of Sanandaj. This part of Iran was the center of Medes Kingdom which was one of the biggest civilizations in Iran and one of the oldest civilizations on earth.

Norooz(New Year) Gathering, Kurdistan (Iran)

Norooz(New Year) Gathering, Kurdistan (Iran)

Kurds which are living in Irani Kurdistan are very much similar to other Kurds living in south east of Turkey, North east of Iraq and east of Syria. Each tribe has different accent and some depends on the region they are living but in overall they all considered as Kurdish with Kurdish language.

kurdish dance and music

Kurdish music is rooted Kurdish epic stories and also classical Iranian music, Kurdish music is mainly classified in two type of music, one is beautiful

Kurdish Dance, Kermanshah City

Kurdish Dance, City of Kermanshahm Kurdistan Province(Iran)

romantic songs which mostly talks about stories of lovers and sometimes stories about love of Kurdish motherland. However, the other type of Kurdish music is considered as epic songs which narrates epic stories of Kurdish heroes. Music has an important role in Kurdish culture, from ceremonies to marriage and from saddest moments to happiest times, you’ll always find Kurds dancing to their traditional songs.

kurdish dance

Although dancing is the symbol of happiness but in some occasions it just brings peace and harmony to their tribes, as a symbol of support from all members of the tribe.

Kurdistan famous musical instruments are hornpipe and timpani. Kurdish people dance together, encircle, take each other’s hands and sing and dance with a unique harmony.


Kurdish Handicrafts

Kurdish Handicrafts

You can find amazingly different patterns in handicrafts of each tribe based on their own epic stories. And surprisingly, each tribe has their own epic stories! also, love songs and even the weather is affecting their designs but generally Kurdish handicrafts has almost the same structure and color all over Kurdistan and the only difference is types of pattern that they make on their handicrafts. Among the Kurdistan handicrafts we can refer to woodwork, wood turning, weaving, needlework, carpeting and rug weaving which can be found in most cities and villages of this region. There are many carpet types and designs in Iran but among all of them Sanandaj carpet has a huge demand all over the world because of its unique colors and patterns

Kurdistan’s beautiful and fantastic villages

Uramanat Takht Village, Kurdistan (Iran)

Uramanat Takht Village, Kurdistan (Iran)

Kurdish villages are definitely one of the must see destinations in Iran. The first thing that you will notice about Kurdish villages is their unique interconnected architecture witch designed in such a way that a roof of lower building is the courtyard of the upper building. This completely makes sense for such a mountainous and cold area. This unique type of ancient design shows the genius of these people how they harness the harshest environment and made a unified supportive community against the threats.

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