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It is a 8 days guided trip to north east and marginal cities of Iran central desert ( Kavir National Park). you are going to see the beautiful Turkmen Sahra and also Damghan and Garmsar cities.  We are going to see their culture, lifestyle and of course amazing Turkmen Sahra and desert landscapes. during this trip we’ll visit Bandar-e Torkaman amazing lagoon. this trip is a combination of wildlife, history and also lifestyle of people of Turkmen Sahra and marginal cities of the desert. Bandar-e Torkaman lagoon is hosting a huge wave of flamingos and other migrating birds, most of these birds migrating from siberia to Bandar-e Torkaman during the winter time.

Damghan is also a great historical city which is used to be the capital of Parthia (247 BC-224 AD). Tarikh Khane Temple, Ghushe caravanserai and Garmsar Water Collector are just only  examples of this historical city. Garmsar on the other side of Semnan province is also another marginal desert city with lots of amazing natural landscapes, like garmsar salt mine and salty walter falls.

In This trip you will closely experience traditional Turkaman camps, dress, music and of course their traditional cuisines. on the other hand in Damghan and Garmsar cities you’ll witness how people adapt themselves to harsh desert environment.

in your final day we arranged a full day tour in Tehran for you so will see another side of life in this beautiful country.

Day 1: Tehran(Arrival)

Day 2: Tehran/Bandar-e Torkaman/Gomishan

Day 3:Khalid Nabi Cemetery

Day 4:Damghan

Day 5: Damghan/Garmsar

Day 6:Garmsar/Tehran

Day 7: Tehran (Full Day Tour)

Day 8: Tehran(Departure)


Day 1


After your arrival to Imam Khomeini Airport(IKA) our representative will meet you in the airport and he will arrange your transportation and check-in to your hotel in Tehran. You will meet with your Tour Guide in your hotel, he/she will brief you about your trip and further arrangements of your trip

Day 2

Bandar-e Torkaman/Kümüş depe ( Gomishan)

Your trip starts from your hotel just after the breakfast. Drive to Bandar-e Torkaman (5h25m) through Firouzkooh road. Bandar-e Torkaman is an old harbor in Caspian Sea in the north east of Iran which is hosting a huge wave of migrant birds from Siberia every year during the winter time. After arriving to Bandar-e Torkaman we will visit Ashuradeh island, Ashuradeh is in the west of the Bandar-e Turkman and it is the largest Iranian island in the Caspian Sea. This Island is 10 minutes away from Bandar-e Turkmen by boat, when you reach Ashuradeh you will enjoy the unique beauty and tranquility of this Island. Until the early years of the century this island was one of the main habitat of Caspian Tiger. You are able to watch birds like Harriers, Raptors and especially huge wave of flamingos. For the evening you will be transferring to Gomishan city which is very close to Bandar-e Torkaman. This is a very amazing eco-lodge stay in Gomishan so you experience a local house with local cuisines.

Day 3

Khaled Nabi

Drive to Khalid Nabi cemetery after the breakfast (3h20m). Khalid Nabi cemetery is located in the north of city of Gonbad Kavus in golestan province. The history of this cemetery goes back to almost 2000 years ago. Archeologists believe this cemetery belongs to Yamut torkamans which used to live in this area. Cone shape standing stones of this cemetery is believed to have roots in fertility cults back to pre-Islamic era of Torkomans. The cemetery and the khalid Nabi tomb itself are located on the Gokche Dagh hills and it gives us an amazing panoramic view to the region. before reaching Khalid Nabi cemetery we will pass through the city of Gonbad Kavus, we will have short stop in Gonbad Kavus to visit UNESCO world heritage site of Gonbad-e Qabus tower. This tower reaches 68 meters which has a 50-meter decagonal baked break tower and an 18-meter conic roof. This tower was built in 1006 AD under order of Qabus king as a cemetery for himself. for the night we will stay in a local eco-camp named “Turkman Oey”. We have some programs for you for this night, in addition to traditional food a group of local musician will be performing their traditional songs.

Day 4


After having our breakfast in “Turkmen Oey” we’ll continue our trip to damghan city (5h). after having some experience of beautiful Turkamn Sahra its time to experience a little taste of desert. Beautiful city of Damghan is located on the northern side of Kavir National Park in Semnan province. The city of Damghan used to be an important city on the legendary silk road and because of its importance this city was attached countless number of times. After arriving to this city we will check-in to our eco-lodge to have some rest. We’ll discovering this city by visiting its old bazaar. after old bazaar we will visit Tarikh Khane mosque. Tarikh Khane history toots goes back to pre-islamic era of Iran (more than 2000 year ago). This mosque was actually a fire temple with Sassanid architecture but like many other buildings in Iran the fire temple converted to a mosque with some modification in its architecture. after visiting Tarikh Khane mosque we will visit Damghan jami-Mosque which also has 1000 years of history. for the evening we will return to our eco-lodge

Day 5


From Damghan to Garmsar we are following the exact same path of legendary silk road, so on our way we are going to see lots of Caravanserai just next to the road. After having our breakfast, we start our journey to the city of Garmsar. But before reaching to Garmsar we will visit two of these caravanserai on our way, first we are going to see Qusheh caravanserai which is located 3 km outside of Damghan- Garmsar road. This caravanserai built during Safavid dynasty (1501-1736). After visiting Qusheh caravanserai we will continue our trip to visit the next caravanserai which is Dehnamak caravanserai. This caravanserai built during Abbasid dynasty. in the evening we’ll check-in to our eco-lodge in Garmsar.

Day 6


Garmsar is also bordering central desert of Iran and being close to desert creates an amazing landscape for this desert. After visiting some caravanserai on our road to Garmsar, today we want to show you another aspect of life of the desert. There are couple of traditional water collectors in the city which used to collect and reserve water for people. We are going to start our day by visiting Garmsar water collector. This water collector is rather new and its history goes back to Qajar dynasty (1785-1925). These type of water collectors are designed to collect underground water and reserve it for summer time. To reach the water itself you need to go down 24 steps below the surface. Also conical shape of the roof of these water collectors naturally conditions inside the collectors. The structure of the soil in this area is very much salty, there are lots of amazing natural and manmade structures around the city Garmsar made by salt. After visiting Garmsar water collector we’ll visit Salty water falls just outside of the city, these natural salty water falls made by narrow springs on salty soil which make an amazing landscape. After visiting salty water falls we will be visiting salt cave and Salt Lake just next to it. one interesting thing about the Salt Lake is because of salty water you will never submerged even if you don’t swim. Salty structure of the water keeps you always on surface even if you don’t swim at all. Another amazing salty structure of Garmsar is Garmsar Salt Mine, this huge man-made structure is one big attraction to tourists in this region. we will depart to Tehran for the night.

Day 7


After having your breakfast in your hotel your local tour guide will pick you up from your hotel for a full day tour in Tehran. Early in the morning you will start your journey with UNESCO heritage site of Golestan Palace. History of this glamorous palace goes back to Shah Abbas (1588-1629) strongest ruler of Safavid dynasty. this complex is a mixture of Persian and European architecture especially French architecture. Golestan palace became the official royal palace when Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar (1742-1797) moved its capital to Tehran in 1796. Golestan Palace consists of currently 13 available sites, Marble Throne, Karim Khani Nook, Pond House, Brilliant Hall, Containers Hall, Ivory Hall, Mirror Hall, Salam Hall, Building of wind catchers, Edifice of the Sun, Museums of Gifts, Abyaz palace and Photographic Archive. After visiting the Palace, we will go to Tehran’s old bazaar which is the center of traditional businesses in Tehran. Old bazaar is just only few meters away from the Golestan palace so we can go to the Bazaar by walk. Every section of the bazaar is for one specific business, so during your tour you will visit different businesses and different sections of old bazaar. after visiting the old bazaar you’ll be transferring to south west of Tehran to have a short visit to Azadi Tower. Azadi Tower (old name: Shahyad Tower) opened in January 14th 1972. This monument is a master piece of Mr. Hossein Amanat (currently living in Canada) which ordered by the last king of Pahlavi Mohammad Reza Shah. After visiting Azadi tower you’ll be transferring to northern part of the city to Darband Neighborhood in foothills of Tochal mountain. This neighborhood is the scape boat of Tehranians to escape from crowdedness and chaotic life of this metropolis. we’ll have our last dinner together in a one of the beautiful restaurants of Darband Neighborhood

Day 8


Our representative will meet you in your hotel and he/she will arrange your transfer to Imam Khomeini Airport(IKA) according to your flight schedule.
  • Accommodation: Eco-Lodge bed and breakfast
  • Meals : Open menu (please arrange for vegetarian food)
  • Driver guide for PRIVATE CAR tour, driver and tour guide for SMALL GROUP tours
  • Transportation: 1-2 Pax with an air-conditioned car, more than 3 Pax with an air-conditioned van or middle coach
  • 4G unlimited internet access for all types of tours
  • IKA airport (Imam Khomeini Airport) both ways transfer
  • 3 nights bed and breakfast in a 4-star hotel in Tehran
  • Free Visa process (Visa authorization number)
  • International flights
  • Entrance fees
  • Tips
  • Personal expenses such as phone calls or laundry …

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