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Just arrived to Tehran?looking for a Tehran Tour? Do you want to know highlights of this city? would you like to know where we are spending our time? where we shop? and where we work?

Tehran was used to be an small village full of gardens and spring watres. Infact Tehran was a small suburb of city of Ray but today the city of ray now is one Tehran’s neighbourhoods. The history of Ray and Tehran goes back to almost 7000 years ago based on recent excavations, but in fact the history Tehran as a city goes back to almost 500 years ago.

Construction of modern buildings started in Safavid dynasty especially during Shah Tahmasb (1514-1576) reign. but the main development of Tehran took place during Qajar dynasty (1797-1925) as Agha Mohammad Khan the first of Qajar dynasty set Tehran as the capital to Iran and after Qajar dynasty Pahlavi ( 1925-1979) continued to modernized the city. Tehran’s architecture is a combination of different reigns and it is influenced by different cultures, from before Islam architecture to European style architecture.

Tehran is the biggest city of Iran and the 25th largest city in the world. with a population of over 13 million tehran considered as a metropolis. Tehran is the largest Persian language center in the world, and, like other metropolises, it does not have the same distribution of population.  North of the city which is the place of the affluent classes catches the eye in modern buildings and modern towers, this  area is less populated than other areas. just because it is very close to the mountains, north of tehran has much better climate compare to other parts of the city. in contrast with the north of the city, southern and eastern regions are the most densely populated areas. most of historical sites and old and beautiful buildings of the Tehran is located in the center of the city, better to say around Grand Bazaar.

After pick up, Early in the morning you will start your journey with UNESCO heritage site of Golestan Palace. History of this glamorous palace goes back to Shah abbas (1588-1629) strongest ruler of Safavid dynasty. this complex is a mixture of Persian and European architecture especially French. Golestan palace became the official royal palace when agha mohammad khan Qajar (1742-1797) moved its capital to Tehran in 1796. Golestan Palace consists of currently 13 available sites, Marble throne, Karim Khani Nook, Pond House, Brilliant Hall, Containers Hall, Ivory Hall, Mirror Hall, Salam Hall, Building of wind catchers, Edifice of the sun, Museums of Gifts, Abyaz palace and Photographic Archive. After visiting the Palace, we will go to Tehran old bazaar which is the center of traditional businesses in Tehran. Old bazaar is just only few meters away from the Golestan palace so we can go to the Bazaar by walk. Every section of the bazaar is for one specific business, so during your tour you will visit different businesses and different sections of old bazaar. after visiting the old bazaar you’ll be transferring to south west of Tehran to have a short visit to Azadi Tower. Azadi Tower (old name: Shahyad Tower) opened in January 14th 1972. This monument is a master piece of Mr. Hossein Amanat (currently living in Canada) which ordered by the last king of Pahlavi Mohammad Reza Shah. After visiting Azadi tower you’ll be transferring to northern part of the city in Tochal mountain footsteps. This neighborhood is the scape boat of Tehranians to escape from crowdedness and mechanical life of this metropolis. we’ll have our last dinner together in a one beautiful restaurant in footsteps of Tochal Mountains.

Starts 9:00 AM finishes around 7:00 PM


One day

Time : 9:00 am


9 am pick up 6 Pm drop off

Guided tour

Subway ticket(only for walking option)

Pick up and drop off (only for by car options)


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