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Safari (desert camp) is a trip to the Kavir National Park in south of Tehran by 4×4 cars. we will enter to the heart of the park somewhere close to city of kashan which is called “Abo zeyd abad”. Kavir National Park was used to be a part of  “Silk Road” which nowadays there are lots of caravanserai is still available in this desert. some of these caravanserai refurbished for visitors, the one we are going to visit is” Maranjab Caravanserai”. Ski on the sands, camping in the middle of the desert and desert night sky is the kind of experience that you will not forget ever.

Best Time to Travel :

Best time to travel for this tour is between October to March, this is trip is not recommended during summer due to extreme hot weather in desert.

Tour Capacity :

This tour is available only for group reservation for the minimum of 9 pax. each 4×4 vehicle carries maximum number of 3 passengers ( except the driver) and the minimum 4×4 vehicles for this tour is 3 cars.

Why we are going to desert with minimum 3 4×4 vehicles ?

This trip is an adventure trip and it needs to pass a plenty of sand hills and off-road paths, sometimes our 4×4 cars wheels may stock in  sand, therefore at least 3 vehicles is needed to support each other in case if one car wheels stocks.

It's a 2 days guided trip from Tehran to Kavir National Park( Iran central desert). after picking you up from your hotel we will hit the road to "Abo zeyd abad" and we will visit maranjab caravanserai in the first day.  after this caravanserai we are going to be completely off-road. from this point we will enter sandy hills and we have to find our way to the camping location. driving in the middle of sand hills needs a complete coordination between drivers and of course their co-drivers. we will camp in the middle of sandhills for night so we can experience amazing silence of the desert, it's amazing night sky and of course a delicious dinner next to our desert campfire.

The day after we will have our breakfast and continue our way through the desert, on our way we'll visit "Qom Salt Lake". we will come back to the Maranjab Caravanserai again, in Maranjab Caravanserai you can experience camel riding and ATVs if you like.

  • Roundtrip transportation from your hotel/hostel
  • Tent will be provided if you don’t have them
  • Sleep bags available for rent
  • Meals  (please arrange for vegetarian food)
  • Caravanserai entertainments such as camel ride, ATV and…

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  • Pricing Name
    Group (min-max)
  • Pricing Name: SMALL GROUP - 4X4 VEHICLE
    Group (Min/Max): 2 pax / 6 pax
    price: $ 120 /Adult
  • Pricing Name: SMALL GROUP - 4X4 VEHICLE
    Group (Min/Max): 6 pax / 9 pax
    price: $ 85 /Adult

It is important to keep luggage to the barest minimum on Safari or Climb as possible. Baggage should be of round squashy type rather than suit cases that are difficult to fit into jeeps, try to use something that is easy to carry and waterproof as luggage often end up loaded onto the roof of your Safari vehicle.
For our camping trips, all camping gear will be provided except only for a 4 season sleeping bag (available for hire).


Sun hat
Shirts (golf or t shirts)
Long sleeved cotton shirts
Light cotton shorts
Long trousers (at least 2)
Sports bra for women is recommended as the roads are bumpy
Sandals or flip-flops
Warm scarf as it can get cold in the evenings
Safari jacket
Safari hiking and walking shoes

Clothing on Safari should be as comfortable as they can be, recommended on safari are khaki, olive or brown colored clothing as they blend with the surrounding nature well and offers the added benefit of concealing dirt, moreover light colors help when the sun is hot

We offer easy to cook cuisine, like chicken kebab, burgers or similar. you will have 2 breakfast, 2 lunches and 1 dinner on your package.

We are going to camp in the middle of the desert, we will camp where ever seems good for camping

Kavir National Park is the home to many important species, like Persian onager, Asiatic cheetah, leopard, striped hyena, caracal, beech marten, flamingo and even ruddy shelduck. but none of these species are dangerous to human. also most of them are living in another part of the Kavir National Park.