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Qeshm Island is the largest and the most beautiful island in Persian Gulf.  This island is connected from north to Bandar Abbas and from south to the island of Hormuz .Qeshm island  is two and a half times the size of Bahrain and has about 69 villages. in this trip, you are experiencing amazing underwater life of Persian Gulf. However, diving is not the only attraction of the Qeshm Island, Sandy beaches and amazing rocky shores are just an example of this beautiful island. climate of the island is generally warm and humid. summers are very warm and winters are mild and sometimes cold. Humidity in the island of Qeshm island is high in most months of the year, so it is more sultry and wet than warm. For your scuba diving sessions, first you will receive a basic underwater training so even if it is your first time diving there is no problem and you can easily manage it. for your information scuba diving does not need swimming skills.

After having fun in Qeshm Island, you’ll visit biggest metropolitan city in the middle east, Tehran. we planned your trip in such a way that you’ll have a chance to visit the city of 72 nations.

Qeshm island attractions :

Salt Cave

Chahkouh Canyon

Mangrove Sea Forest (Harra Protected Area)

Surfing and Scuba Diving

Green Tree or The Sacred Fig

Stars Valley

The Colourful Island of Hormuz

Hengan Island ( Dolphin’s Island)

Tehran Attractions:

Golestan Palace

Old Bazzar

Azadi Tower

Tochal Mountains Footsteps


Day 1: Tehran(Arrival)

Day2:Qeshm Island(City Tour)

Day3:Qeshm Island(Landscape)

Day4:Qeshm Island(Scuba Diving)

Day 5:Hormoz Island(Scuba Diving/Landscape)

Day6:Qeshm Island(Landscape)/Tehran

Day7:Tehran(City Tour)



Day 1


After arriving to Imam Khomeini International Airport(IKA) our representative will greet you in the airport. you will be transferred to your Hotel in tehran.

Day 2

Flight to Qeshm Island

Today you will transferred from your hotel to Mehrabad Airport for your flight to Qeshm Island ( 1 hour and 40 minutes flight) After arriving to Qeshm Airport you will be transferred to your hotel by our local tour guide. today you will have half day tour to the city of Qeshm and it's Bazaar.

Day 3

Qeshm Landscapes

On this day you'll have a full day tour to Qeshm Island. You are going to see the Salt Cave, Chah Kooh and also the Valley of Stars. at the end of the day you can enjoy a perfect sunset on the shores of Persian Gulf. The salt cave is located 90 km from the city of Qeshm and is seen as a salt mound and dome from the sea level. It's a two kilometers walk down to cave entrance from the road. It is said that Qeshm Salty Cave is the longest salty cave in the world. That's why every year many tourists from all over the world travel to Qeshm to see it. Chahkouh Canyon is considered as one of the best attractions of Qeshm Island. it is located 70 kilometers from  the city of Qeshm in Qeshm Island. The charm of this valley is delusional and mysterious. Chahkouh canyon is at the heart of this valley which is initially wide and open and as you go forward it becomes narrower  until the sky will no longer be visible. a shallow wells in this valley helps to store freshwater from the rain and humid weather, that's why The name of  Chahkouh  means wells in the mountains. From the ancient times, the Canyon has been a reservoir  of freshwater for the locals. Another spectacular attraction of Qeshm Island, which is especially tropical, is the sacred fig or the green tree. The roots of this tree are the above the soil, The fruit of this tree is pink and  it is edible. There are many types of trees in the Harra forest, and one of the best of them can be seen in Turan region. What caused these trees to be considered as an attractive attraction of Qeshm IslandStars ValleyQeshm Stars Valley Berke Khalaf Village in Qeshm Island has got tangled nested and sedimentary mountains which is known as Stars Valley. Climate change and regional rains and winds shaped these mountains in the form of corridors, when you walk into these corridors and look at the stars at night, you’ll see striking and amazing effect of stars. Star views through these corridors create something like star valleys. Locals tell fabulous legends about the valley, and believe that over the years, a star has led to the creation of these corridors. The beauty and charm of this valley will surely surprise you and give you a special memory.

Day 4

Scuba Diving - Qeshm Island

It's time to see amazing underwater life of the Persian Gulf. after a short training with our local scuba diving school partner you will be able to dive in to the Persian Gulf waters. After lunch you will visit Qeshm docks which they still making hand made wooden ships called Lenj.

Day 5

Scuba Diving - Hormuz Islands

Today you'll have a boat trip to colorful Hormuz island which is very close to Qeshm Island. first we are going to have an underwater tour around beautiful corals of this amazing island and after that we will visit Hormuz Island itself. On this island you will visit portuguese castle, red mountains and red shores of Hormuz Island. Due to the geographical location and proximity to the Strait of Hormuz, this island has a strategic role for Iran in term of politics and international business. The size if this island is one of the attractive features of the island. The coastal road allows us to get around the island with a three-hour walk, or using the available rental bikes. This island is very attractive to nature lovers, because you can walk to the farthest point and come back without having a car. The small crabs that live on the rocks, or the super-beautiful sea-bed cover, is just one of the aspects of wonders of the island. Swimming in the Persian Gulf along the sandy beaches, and diving in the surface waters and the observation of aquatic life and corals all can be a cool experience in the spring, autumn or even the winter time. Another attraction of the island are the mountains and rocky heights on the island next to the marine caves which is located in the south and southwest of the island. These pristine landscapes, with a relaxing sound of waves and sunshine, are the perfect place for relaxing. The most important feature of Hormuz Island is the red color of the coastal soil, in the second half of the year when the season is suitable for traveling to the southern regions, artists use the colored soils of the island to draw beautiful natural artworks on the shores.

Day 6

Qeshm Island/Tehran

Today you will have a half-day tour to see Mangrove sea forest. This forest is a habitat for many tropical birds. The main attraction of this forest is the existence of a mangrove tree which their roots goes under the water during the flow and edd. these type of trees not only they have problem with sea water but even they refine sea water and turn it into freshwater. The Harra Forest has an area of about 200 square kilometers and due to its tropical climate, birds such as Great egret, the coastal egret, the spoonbill, gray plover, large herons and others have lived there for many years. The presence of seagull and petrel and a variety of fish species in this forest has given it a very extraordinary attraction so that you won’t be satisfied just by one trip to this place. This spectacular place gives you everything you need to know about nature, beach, sea and birds. After Mangrove Sea Forest you will visit the Sacred Fig. The roots of this tree are the above the soil, The fruit of this tree is pink and  it is edible. There are many types of trees in the Harra forest, and one of the best of them can be seen in Turan region. What caused these trees to be considered as an attractive attraction of Qeshm Island. after lunch you will be transferred to the Qeshm Island Airport. after arriving to tehran Mehrabad Airport our representative will greet you again, then you will be transferring you to Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA) for your international flight.

Day 7


After having your breakfast in your hotel your local tour guide will pick you up from your hotel for a full day tour in Tehran. Early in the morning you will start your journey with UNESCO heritage site of Golestan Palace. History of this glamorous palace goes back to Shah Abbas (1588-1629) strongest ruler of Safavid dynasty. this complex is a mixture of Persian and European architecture especially French architecture. Golestan palace became the official royal palace when Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar (1742-1797) moved its capital to Tehran in 1796. Golestan Palace consists of currently 13 available sites, Marble Throne, Karim Khani Nook, Pond House, Brilliant Hall, Containers Hall, Ivory Hall, Mirror Hall, Salam Hall, Building of wind catchers, Edifice of the Sun, Museums of Gifts, Abyaz palace and Photographic Archive. After visiting the Palace, we will go to Tehran’s old bazaar which is the center of traditional businesses in Tehran. Old bazaar is just only few meters away from the Golestan palace so we can go to the Bazaar by walk. Every section of the bazaar is for one specific business, so during your tour you will visit different businesses and different sections of old bazaar. after visiting the old bazaar you’ll be transferring to south west of Tehran to have a short visit to Azadi Tower. Azadi Tower (old name: Shahyad Tower) opened in January 14th 1972. This monument is a master piece of Mr. Hossein Amanat (currently living in Canada) which ordered by the last king of Pahlavi Mohammad Reza Shah. After visiting Azadi tower you’ll be transferring to northern part of the city to Darband Neighborhood in foothills of Tochal mountain. This neighborhood is the scape boat of Tehranians to escape from crowdedness and chaotic life of this metropolis. we’ll have our last dinner together in a one of the beautiful restaurants of Darband Neighborhood

Day 8


Our representative will meet you in your hotel and he will arrange your Transfer to Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA) for your international flight
  • Full-board accommodation in Eco-Lodge residence  (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Domestic flights
  • Airport Transfer ,including Tehran and Qeshm Island (both ways)
  • Ground Transportation (Tehran & Qeshm Island)
  • Sea Transportation for scuba diving and Hormuz Island
  • Local tour-guide
  • Scuba-Diving (two session) including training, equipment and special underwater tour guide
  • 3 nights bed and breakfast in a 4-star hotel in Tehran
  • International flights
  • Entrance fees
  • Tips
  • Personal expenses such as phone calls or laundry …

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