Iran visa on arrival

Iran Visa On Arrival

Iran visa on arrival means you can obtain your visa stamp on your arrival to one of Iran’s international airports like Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport(IKA). But it does not mean that you just can hop on the plane and arrive to the airport! First thing you need to do is to apply through your travel company in Iran or apply directly to MFA platform for your visa grant notice. Once your visa is approved you’ll receive your visa grant notice as PDF file which shows you are eligible to receive your visa either from the airport or one of Iranian missions outside of Iran based on your selection.

UK, US and Canadian citizens cannot obtain their Iran visa on arrival and they must obtain their visa either from Iranian embassy in London or Interest section of Islamic Republic of Iran in Washington. Click here to see step by step guide for US, UK and Canadian citizens Iran tourist visa application.

Iran visa on arrival

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of visa on arrival comparing to obtaining your visa from Iranian embassies?


  1. You might not have enough time to travel to another city to closest Iranian embassy, so you decide to obtain your Iran visa on arrival
  2. Total cost of your transportation expenses to closest Iranian embassy exceeds the amount of visa stamp fee, so you decide to collect your visa on your arrival


  1. Iran visa on arrival is much more expensive comparing to obtaining your visa from the embassy, click here to see visa stamp fee rates
  2. Some airlines do not let you get on board unless you have a valid visa stamp on your passport although you are eligible for receiving your visa on your arrival
  3. You need to wait for long que in the airport and sometimes it takes around 2-3 hours to get your visa stamp on your passport

So why we should let everything for its last minutes when we have enough time to do it!   

How much does it costs ?

  • New Zealand :150€
  • Australia: 145€
  • Sierra Leone, Chile: 120€
  • China, UAE, Uganda, Chad, Vietnam: 100€
  • India: 90€
  • Germany, Austria, Spain, Ireland, Italia, Iceland, Slovenia, Estonia, Slovakia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Portugal, Czech Republic, Denmark, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Finland, Cyprus, Latvia, Luxembourg, Poland, Lithuania, Malta, Hungary, Norway, Netherlands, Greece, Thailand, Singapore, Ghana, Qatar, Cuba, Gabon, Guinea: 75€
  • Russia, Uzbekistan, Argentina, Zambia, Mongolia, Moldavia: 70€
  • Japan, Turkmenistan, Cameroon, Kenya, Kuwait, Guyana, Madagascar, Malawi, El Salvador: 60€
  • Philippines, Panama, Fiji, Nigeria: 55€
  • South Korea, Bosnia, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Macedonia, Paraguay, Senegal: 50€
  • Indonesia, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Niger, Venezuela: 45€
  • Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Nepal, Yemen, Eritrea: 40€
  • Tajikistan, Algeria, Bhutan, Morocco, Libya, Egypt (for more than 20 days), Saudi Arabia: 30€
  • Belarus: 25€
  • Armenia, Bahrain: 20€
  • Malaysia (for more than 15 days): 10€

Click here to see step by step guide to apply for your visa application with our company

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