what is Iran visa on arrival ?

Iran visa on arrival means you can obtain your visa stamp on your arrival to one of Iran’s international airports like Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport(IKA). you need to first apply for visa application, once your visa is approved you’ll get your visa grant notice as PDF document. You need to print that document and submit it together with visa stamp fee on your arrival to the visa counter in Tehran International Imam Khomeini Airport(IKA).

Iran visa on arrival

Iran visa on arrival

visa application for either obtaining your visa in one of the Iran’s missions or IKA airport is the same, the only difference is, at the time we are applying for your visa application we’ll select your visa obtain location as Tehran International Imam Khomeini Airport(IKA). click here to see required documents and procedures for your Iran tourist visa. UK, US and Canadian citizens cannot obtain their Iran visa on arrival and they must obtain their visa either from Iranian embassy in London or Interest Section of Islamic Republic of Iran in Washington. Click here to see step by step guide for US, UK and Canadian citizens Iran tourist visa application.

Please remember that you need to pay visa stamp fee in Tehran International Imam Khomeini Airport(IKA) to the bank before the passport control. Once you finish your payment, you’ll receive another letter from the bank stating that your payment is done. Collect that paper and find visa counter to get your final visa approval. Since September 2019, travelers with Iran tourist visa does not get any sort of visa stickers or stamps on the passports it means that your information is registered within ministry of foreign affairs and Iran immigration police data base, so once you get your visa approved you will not get any stickers or stamps on your passport. Immigration police will only scan your passport and off you go!

Who can’t get Iran tourist visa on arrival ?

If you are a UK, US or a Canadian citizen you need to book a guided tour to travel to Iran, it means that if you are a UK, US or Canadian passport holder cannot travel to Iran solely. Also if you are a UK, US or a Canadian citizen, you cannot obtain your visa on your arrival. click here to see step by step guide for UK, US and Canadian citizens for Iran tourist visa


Please remember these are the fees that you must pay to the bank inside the Tehran International Imam Khomeini Airport(IKA) before passport control. visa stamp fees are a little different if you want to pay to Iranian embassy in your country,  click here to see visa stamp fees in Iran embassies.

CountryVisa stamp fee on arrival
New Zealand€150
Sierra Leone, Chile€120
China, UAE, Uganda, Chad, Vietnam€100
Germany, Austria, Spain, Ireland, Italia, Iceland, Slovenia, Estonia, Slovakia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Portugal, Czech Republic, Denmark, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Finland, Cyprus, Latvia, Luxembourg, Poland, Lithuania, Malta, Hungary, Norway, Netherlands, Greece, Thailand, Singapore, Ghana, Qatar, Cuba, Gabon, Guinea€75

Russia, Uzbekistan, Argentina, Zambia, Mongolia, Moldavia€70
Japan, Turkmenistan, Cameroon, Kenya, Kuwait, Guyana, Madagascar, Malawi, El Salvador€60
Philippines, Panama, Fiji, Nigeria€55
South Korea, Bosnia, Kazakhstan, Croatia, Macedonia, Paraguay, Senegal€50
Indonesia, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Niger, Venezuela€45
Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Nepal, Yemen, Eritrea€40
Tajikistan, Algeria, Bhutan, Morocco, Libya, Egypt (for more than 20 days), Saudi Arabia€30
Armenia, Bahrain€20
Malaysia (for more than 15 days)€10

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