Iran visa fee

Iran Visa Fee

Iran tourist visa policy has been changed recently and it is much easier now to obtain Iran tourist visa. Well, the first step is to apply through your travel agency in Iran or you can apply through MFA platform directly yourself. In both ways, you’ll receive your e visa permission which is called Visa Grant Notice. Once you get your visa grant notice, you need to refer to the one of the Iranian embassies (which you selected in your online visa application form), then you need to provide your printed version of your visa grant notice (in color) together with your passport and visa stamp fee to the embassy. But remember, you need to pay your Iran visa fee in cash, credit cards and travel cheques are not acceptable in Iranian embassies, so bring enough cash with you to the embassy. Iran visa fee for visa on arrival is a little bit higher than obtaining your visa from the embassy, click here to see visa on arrival page for more information.

Find your Iran visa stamp fee from here:

  • Citizens of the Schengen countries: 75 €
  • UK: 180 €
  • Canada: 50 €
  • United States: 60 €
  • Australia: 100 €
  • South Korea: 25 €

If you don’t see your country here in this list, please contact us for more information.

Iran visa fee

Same day Iran visa stamp fee:

Your visa stamp normally takes 24 to 48 hours to get ready, it means that you need to hand over your passport, your visa grant notice and visa stamp fee and return back the other day to receive your stamped visa from the embassy. Same day visa is a fast processing visa service which you can pay 50% extra and you can get your visa stamp on the same day.

Click here to see step by step guide for UK, US and Canadian citizens visa application procedure

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