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Written by Vahid Sajjad

Are you digging the internet to find some useful information to travel to Iran and you can’t find it?  well! Yes! I have the same problem as you do! Iran Travel blog tries to show you highlights and tips about travelling to Iran

Most of the Iran travel information in English is written visitors recently traveled to Iran as a tourist. When you browse their blogs you’ll see that most of their information are accurate but what is missing from their blogs is that you’ll always find some amount of uncertainty in their posts. You know why? apart from their experience and expertise they don’t have enough knowledge about Iranian culture but I can say It is 100% normal. I think no one can introduce your country better than yourself.

Now, what if you start blogging about your own country in English? of course the information that you are providing is much more certain comparing to others. And that is the reason I decided to start Iran travel blog in English. In Iran Travel Blog I’ll try to give you the most accurate and most updated information and highlights about traveling in Iran. Cheers !

Iran visa on arrival

Iran Visa On Arrival

Iran visa on arrival means you can obtain your visa stamp on your arrival to one of Iran’s international airports like Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport(IKA). But it does not mean that you just can hop on the plane and

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Iran visa fee

Iran Visa Fee

Iran tourist visa policy has been changed recently and it is much easier now to obtain Iran tourist visa. Well, the first step is to apply through your travel agency in Iran or you can apply through MFA platform directly

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diplomatic missions in iran

List of Diplomatic Missions in Iran

In some urgent cases you might need to know about the location of your country’s diplomatic mission in your traveling destination, in this list you can find your country’s embassy or representative office in Tehran :  Afghanistan   Algeria Argentina Armenia

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Kurdish Woman


Kurdistan Province is located in the west of Iran, the center of this province is the city of Sanandaj. “Kurd” originates from word “Kurt”. Kurt means the city and the area. The population of Kurds in Iran is estimated to

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turkmen sahra

Turkmen Sahra(IRAN)

Where is Turkmen Sahra? Turkmen Sahara is located in the northeastern part of Golestan province. It has a population of 200,000 people speaking in Turkmen and Persian. Turkmens originally were nomads which gradually settled in cities. Turkmen ethnicities are originally

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Chabahar, Iran


Chabahar is a beautiful port city in southeast of Sistan and Baluchestan province. This port and coastline city has got many spectacular attractions and is among the most important commercial and tourist destinations in Iran. The port of Chabahar is

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Alamut Castle

Iran is full of amazing and mysterious stories and one of the most mysterious one is the story of Alamut fortress. Countless tourists from all over the world travel to Iran to closely watch this castle every year. There are

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Travel to Iran Advice

Is it your first time traveling to Iran? are you looking for some useful tips? Well, my name is Mahsa and I’m content manager of Seven Seas Travelers company I’m here to help you out with some useful pieces of information

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Qeshm Island

Qeshm Island is the biggest Iranian Islands of the Persian Gulf. Qeshm Island is connected from north to Bandar Abbas, from east to Larak, from south to the island of Hormuz and from southwest to the Greater Tunb and Smaller

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The ancient history of Azerbaijan goes back to the Medes Empire which were living on this part of Persia, that is why Azerbaijan is also known as “little Medes”.  The name of Azerbaijan comes from the ancient words of “Azar

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gilan province

Gilan, The Green Jewel of the North

Gilan province is located on the southwest border of Caspian Sea. Gilan with its three thousand years of culture and civilization has an amazing and historical background. In the dictionary of Dehkhoda, the word plus the suffix “aan” means the

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