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Chabahar is a beautiful port city in southeast of Sistan and Baluchestan province. This port and coastline city has got many spectacular attractions and is among the most important commercial and tourist destinations in Iran. The port of Chabahar is located on the edge of Makran sea and Indian Ocean and is the only port and city of Iran with an oceanic coast. The ever-temperate climate, commercial and trade boom and other attractions of Chabahar have made it an important tourist destination for businessmen and tourists at the same time in Iran. it is good to know that Chabahr is also called Chahar Bahar (four springs) due to its good and temperate weather. Chabahar due to its often temperate spring-like weather but ancient people and those who had lived there for many years called it also Che Bar (what freight) since it has been a port city and a lot of freights was transferred in it and people often asked tradesmen “what freight do you have?” Because of this the city also is known as Che Bar. Another reason for calling it Che Bar was due to people’s living near the water wells and by passage of time and entrance of non-indigenous people to the city and it gradually changed the name from Che Bar to Chabahar.

Miniature Mountains

One of the spectacular attractions of Chabahar is Miniature Mountains. Impressible beauty and attraction of these mountains has led to travelling of hundreds of visitors each year to see it. Miniature Mountains is considered a Geomorphologic phenomenon along the Chabahar beach.

Miniatur Mountain, Chabahar, Iran

Lipar Lagoon

This lagoon is located near the village of Ramin and is 15 kilometers to the east of Chabahar and is known as Birdland lagoon. The color of this lagoon is because of types of rich colored planktons of this lagoon, also the existence of clay in near area increase the pink color of this lagoon. Rich planktons and special weather of this region makes it a good place for different types of habitants especially for migrant birds. birds such as flamingos, peacocks, eagles, partridges, plain eagles, grebes, coots and various herons is vastly available in this lagoon.

Dezak Great Mosque

Dezak great mosque was built during the Safavid period, however there isn’t any clear information regarding the precise history of it and it is roughly estimated to belong to Safavid era. Beautiful and amazing architecture of this mosque has led it to be one of the Chabahar’s spectacular attractions. the mosque made by local materials, the walls of this mosque are made from clay and the ceiling is made from leaves and wood palm and tamarisk.

Dezak Great Mosque, Chabahar, Iran

Banmisti Caves

These caves are located 5 kilometers from the village of Tis and are drawn to hillside of Shahbazband. Banmasti caves are made up of a natural cave and two artificial caves that the natural cave is half-circular and its crater turnered and expanded, Petroglyphs and certain tablets have never been found in this cave, but what makes this cave interesting is a one small temple made in the middle of this cave, there are types of writings on the walls of this temple which believed tobe in Gojarati (Hindi) language. 

Banmisti Caves, Chabahar, Iran

Mud Volcanoes

Mud volcanoes in Chabahar port is the results of in-depth volcanic activities of the earth over the years, this mud volcano are most probably the most fascinating attractions of Chabahar. These mountains are incredibly beautiful and special and you will certainly regret not seeing them. If you’re planning to visit this attraction, you must take the Sistan and Baluchestan road toward Kahir-Tang road to reach to 95 kilometers of Konarak port. Mud volcanoes consist of three domes next to each other, mud volcanoes happen when the lower dome is active. This phenomenon that is rare in the whole world mesmerizes lots of visitors from all over the world every year.

Mud Volcano, Chabahar, Iran

Great Mosque of Tiss

The great mosque of Tiss is built in form of Indian and Pakistani mosques. In contrast with Shiite architecture which there are two minarets in their mosques architecture, there is only one minaret in the architecture of Sunni mosques. The colorful variety and attractive designs on the walls and the dome of this mosque have made it to seem very spectacular and beautiful at the first sight and inspires the soul and spirit of the viewer. The architecture, glassworks and the kind of materials used in the construction of this mosque will make you fall in love with this mosque. 

Great Mosque of Tiss, Chabahar, Iran

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