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Alamut Castle

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Iran is full of amazing and mysterious stories and one of the most mysterious one is the story of Alamut fortress. Countless tourists from all over the world travel to Iran to closely watch this castle every year. There are number of castles like Alamut castle which have their fame from the “Hassan-I Sabbah” (1050-1124), Most of these castles are built in the highest mountains and remote areas. their constructive engineering has been identified as unmatched in their own way. If you are visiting Iran we strongly recommending to visit this fortress. Alamut fortress is not only historical site yet a beautiful place. Alamut fortress is located in Qazvin province near Tehran, two hours from Qazvin by car. Alamut valley is perfect location for landscape photography in spring, autumn and even winter time. Foreign tourists come to the area every year to record the photos of the unique Alamut valley

alamut castle

History of the Alamut Fortress

The history of Alamut Fortress goes back to the “Ismaili” sect.” Ismailism” is a branch of Shia Islam which they have radical ideas about their trainings from military trainings (equivalent to martial arts) to scientific trainings, as many Iranian philosophers and scientists of 11th century of Iran are followers of this sect. Alamut fortress is originally built in 865 AD by Justanids ruler, which later in 1090 it was seized by “Hasan-i Sabbah” as a head quarter and mountain fortress for their sect. In this castle, the most terrifying and the most organized sect of the world had been founded. Hasan-i Sabbah was radical ideas about ruling of caliphate in Persia. He organized his followers in such a way to fight caliphate physically and philosophically. Hassab-I Sabbah organized a kind of special forces especially to assassin anyone opposing his ideas. The main business of Hassan-I Sabbah followers was used to be clipping medicine plants from the mountains. The name of assassin comes from the word “Hashashin”, Hashashin in Arabic means people dealing (selling) medications. During the time the word assassin referred to the trained murders

alamut fortress

Alamut Geography

Alamut is built on high cliffs at an altitude of 2163 meters above the sea level and is located in the north of “Qasr Khan” or “Ghazar Khan” village. Alamut Fortress is 20000 square meters and its built on high cliffs 200 meters above the ground. Alamut fortress is drawn from the northeast to the southwest and is surrounded by rocks. The only way to enter to the Alamut fortress is a path on the northeast side.

alamut geography

Alamut valley have a strange and stunning outlook especially during the autumn from October and November and in spring March to June. This valley is still beautiful during the winter time, but of course you should have no problem with cold

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