Alamut Castle and the assassins creed

Alamut Castle

Alamut castle located 240 kilometers west of Tehran in the middle of Alborz range on the highest point of Alamut valley. When you go atop of this castle, you can see the reason why this location selected as a site for this castle! Alamut Castle is very famous for its location which is on top of very strategic rocks and it has an amazing view to the Alamut valley. This castle came under the control of Hassan-I Sabbah, founder of Nizari Ismaili state in 1090. Alamut Castle was the head quarter of Ismalili state until the Alamut Castle collapsed in 1256 during Mongol invasion.

alamut fortress

Imaginary drawing of  Alamut Castle 

Order of Assassins and Assassins Creed Game

Assassins were the order stablish by Hasan-I Sabbah who was the founder of Nizari Ismaili state, Assassins means people faithful to foundation. The reason for establishing such an order was to train and prepare handful of devoted soldiers to carry a particular mission in order to eliminate enemies of the state. These soldiers had special philosophical and military training so they could complete their missions in the most efficient and most accurate method. Assassin today means professional paid murderer. Assassins creed game and movie is based on the order of assassins established in Alamut castle between 1090 to 1256.

alamut castle

Ruins of Alamut Castle

alamut geography

Atop Alamut Castle

Best time to travel to Alamut valley

Alamut valley is beautiful four seasons, but of course during the winter time travelling to Alamut valley and also Alamut Castle becomes very difficult. The best season to travel to Alamut valley starts from at the end of April, to the end of October. During the spring the valley is covered with blossoms and yellow flowers but on the other hand between September to October leaves turn to yellow and orange so the whole valley covers with beautiful colors.

Alamut Fortress from Gazor Khan Village

Alamut Valley view from Alamut Castle 

Garma Rood Village, Alamut Valley

Garma Rood Village, Alamut Valley

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