Finding a best accommodation is sometimes challenging when you are planning to travel to a new destination. Due to US sanctions on Iran we have difficulties to connect to international online booking platforms but you can still make your booking through local travel companies like our company. well, we have  access to domestic accommodation platforms sso we can easily offer you the best option based on your budget and plan for your accommodation in Iran. currently we have different types of  accommodations in Iran from 5 star hotels and hotel apartments to eco-lodges and eco-camps. if you are an individual traveler you can easily contact us ahead of your trip and we can offer you the best option based on your budget and plan. however, if you are booking one of our tour packages your accommodation in Iran is already included to your package.

Types of Accommodation in Iran

Espinas Palace, Tehran


Hotel ranking is a little bit different from the rest of the world, although we have three stars to five star hotels available in Iran but you should know the ranking system in Iran is a bit different. first of all, drinking and serving any kinds of alcoholic beverages are completely prohibited within the borders of Islamic Republic of Iran. and second, SPA and pool is only available is some specific times for Gentlemen and ladies separately. most of the five star hotels are located in Tehran, but you can find five star hotels in other cities too

Hostel, Tehran, Iran

Guest Houses

Guest houses are widely popular between local and inbound travelers. Guest houses are similar to universal hostel services, some offering you bed and breakfast and some only offers you only bed services. Guest houses in farsi pronounce as “mosafer khaneh”. in many cases you can find very clean and suitable Guest houses close to Tehran city center with a very cheap rates.  in some of these guest house they even offer dormitory type beds so you can stay with a very cheap rate and perhaps you can socialize with other travelers as well. guest houses are normally recommended for youths ages  between 17 to 30

Ecolodge North of Iran


Eco-Lodges and Eco-Camps are becoming very much popular among local and inbound travelers in Iran in the past recent years. Eco-Lodges are mostly located inside of the cities and villages. Eco-Lodges are mostly renovated beautiful local traditional houses with respecting to local culture of that area. in Eco-Lodges you can experience any thing related to the local culture of that area, from local cuisines to local music. to deeply experience local cultures of Iran it is strongly recommend to try these Eco-Lodges

Shahsavan Nomad Camp


Eco-Camps are like Eco-Lodges serves the same purpose: giving you a unique local experience. the difference between Eco-Camps and Eco-Lodges are in Eco-Camps you’ll mostly experience nomads life. most of these Eco-Camps are located in the path of their wandering tribe so you can get to know about their tribe, cuisines, culture and clothing


Flat 33, Plate 1, Ershad Street, Shariati Street. Tehran, Iran

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